10 Things That Were Ruined by Rich People

It's like the rich have taken over the playground, and the rest of us are stuck playing with mud and sticks! But in all seriousness, it is frustrating to see things that were once within reach now only available to those with deep pockets. Let's hope we can swing the pendulum back the other way and make things more accessible for everyone again. Recently on an online platform, people have shared such things that have been ruined by the wealthy. 

1. Housing Crisis: Blaming the Affluent

A global housing crisis is brewing, with increasing unaffordability in renting and owning homes. The rising cost of living is hitting people's wallets hard, and many believe the affluent are to blame. From gentrification driving up property values to wealthy investors hoarding buildings and leaving them empty, ordinary citizens need help to secure a decent place to live.

2. Dampened Magic of Concerts: High Prices

The wealthy have dampened the magic of concerts, laments one music enthusiast. They note that general admission ticket costs have gone through the roof, and even a beer at a show is a luxury. Despite these exorbitant prices, fans still fork over their hard-earned cash for the experience.

3. Rural Areas Affected by Airbnb and Studios

According to one observer, rural and suburban areas are feeling the pinch of skyrocketing prices in Airbnb rentals and pricey studio apartments. This creates difficulties for low-income and working-class individuals struggling to find affordable housing. With the pandemic driving city dwellers to buy properties in the countryside, the situation is getting worse.

4. Fashion Industry Playground for the Wealthy

The fashion industry has become a playground for the wealthy, bemoans one fashionista. They express frustration at the steep prices of brands like Carhartt, Dickies, and Levi's, which have become unaffordable for many lower-income people. The user suspects that these prices are driven by the influence of the affluent, who are only interested in making more profit.

5. Professional Sports Exclusive to the Wealthy

A disillusioned fan says that professional sports events have become exclusive to the wealthy. Even the cheapest seats have become prohibitively expensive, making it difficult for the average person to enjoy the game in person. Focusing on catering to corporations and the prosperous has created a barrier for everyday fans.

6. Inequality Creeping Into Theme Parks

According to one park-goer, theme parks are no longer the great equalizer they once were. The effluent can now buy fast passes to skip queues, leaving everyone waiting in line. The experience is different for everyone as inequality creeps into the amusement park.

7. Instagram Ruined by the Prosperous

Instagram has been ruined by the prosperous, says one user. What used to be a platform for sharing everyday moments has been transformed by the extravagant lifestyles of the wealthy and famous. Influencers and regular users are trying to keep up with the unrealistic standards set by yacht parties, walk-in closets, and gender-reveal extravaganzas. The platform has become a benchmark for the affluent and has raised expectations for everyone.

8. Collecting Ruinous for Average Collectors

Collecting has become a ruinous hobby, complains one enthusiast. The prices of collectibles have skyrocketed in recent years, making it hard for average collectors to keep up. The prosperous are driving up demand for rare items, leaving little for the rest of the community. Some collectors even spend their entire salary daily, making the hobby inaccessible to those with more modest means.

9. Internet's Shift Away From Community-driven Aspect

According to one user, the internet has changed, and not for the better. What was once a cool place for outcasts and subcultures has become overrun with ads, subscription fees, and data gathering. People who used to feel supported by online communities are now disappointed because the internet has become more about money than connecting with others.

10. Classic Car Market Taken Over by the Affluent

The affluent have taken over the classic car market, says one frustrated collector. Prices for cars from the 80s and 90s have skyrocketed, leaving true enthusiasts unable to afford them. The situation is reminiscent of the trend in the 90s when the 50s and 60s cars were popular among collectors. The market has been ruined for those who love these cars but need help to afford them.

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Source: Reddit


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