10 Things Done In Secret Yet Everyone Knows About Them

There are certain things that everyone does but are reluctant to admit. It can also be a habit that some people indulge in too much at some point. This can be personal, sensitive, or something they are the same to talk about publicly. Some such people are transparent about their life and do not hesitate to admit anything about it.

1. Talking To Themselves

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It is normal for any person to have a habit of internal monologue while doing any task. Some people have this habit and feel embarrassed to reveal it to others. For some people, it is therapy. They feel peace of mind after talking to themselves.

2. Pick Our Nose

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Sometimes it happens that a person does not have a tissue in his hand, and at that time, he needs to clean his nose. Picking his nose is a very common thing that every person must do in his life. But now, this has become a very evil thing. It is a shame to admit it in front of others. Sometimes it becomes very necessary because not picking the nose is a dirtier habit. This thing comes under the category of cleanliness. A person who takes care of his cleanliness is clean in every aspect.

3. Muting Phone Calls

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Some people pretend that they didn't hear the phone ringing. They deliberately mute the phone. This is sometimes done when they don't feel like talking to another person. It may also be why the next person is not interested in listening to what is being said. But admitting this thing to others is a little difficult for every human being.

4. Judging Other People

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There is no reason why we judge someone. Some people have a habit of thinking of any person because of the way they wear it. This thing is very sad and considered bad. That's why the person who judges people will never admit this in society.

5. Comparing Ourselves to Others

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Along with judging other people, we tend to compare ourselves to them, especially now that social media has made it so easy that everyone can see what's happening in other people's lives. Without knowing the full reality of other people's lives, they doubt that we wish our lives were like theirs. It is a very bad habit to blame the lives of others while being completely ungrateful for our own lives. This is something that People do not admit publicly.

6. Make Excuses To Leave Social Gatherings

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Another thing that everyone does but never admits to is making excuses to avoid social gatherings. It is common to make many excuses, such as not feeling well, being stuck in some important work, etc. The argument is that you want to avoid being part of the social gathering. There can be many reasons which cannot be lied to. You have to lie so the next person's heart is not broken.

7. Leave Texts Unread

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Living the text unread is alone the same thing as making excuses. This is done to avoid a conversation with the sender. Sometimes it doesn't feel like talking to anyone. Checking the phone and reading the message through the lock screen will provide enough information. They leave it if someone wants to avoid dealing with or responding. It looks like the receiver never saw it.

8. Pass Gas

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It's a little different because some people like to admit to passing gas. But some people consider it a vice. However, it's seen enough that some people try to hold it. Even if they don't turn blue in the face, according to science, gas retention can be a dangerous symptom. It can cause many problems inside the body.

9. Smelling Own Clothes

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Some people often repeat this to avoid embarrassment. Repeatedly sniffing their clothes to ensure they don't smell when sitting with someone and smelling your clothes. Also, the other person does not like to sit with you. It becomes a source of great embarrassment. That's why many people do this to avoid such embarrassment.

10. Social Media Stalking

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Social media has made it very easy to peek into people's lives. It is often a habit of people to be very interested in what is going on in other people's lives. Nowadays, every other person does this. It does. But the public refuses to accept this. It shows it doesn't care what is happening in other people's lives.

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