10 Outdated Social Customs We Should Banish

As time passes and gen-z become the new adults, many social customs are either forgotten or ignored in today's day and age. However, some social norms are still present in today's society that seriously need to be eliminated. From huge weddings to hidden taxes, these are some of the weird customs you surely have encountered before. 

1. Huge Weddings

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What's the use of inviting people who you vaguely know at your wedding? It just makes it overly crowded and costly. While it was a custom to invite all the close or farther relatives, this custom is slowly getting forgotten as people are opting for smaller weddings. A person shared their wedding experience with around 60 guests. While this guest list is smaller, they wished that they had spent the money on a small, intimate ceremony and a lavish honeymoon. 

2. Cashiers Having to Stand

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Surely, cashiers are humans instead of robots. However, they are expected to stand for hours, and this is considered a norm. A former cashier shared how they were fired from their job only for requesting a stool at the cashier! And that too because of a broken foot. This weird social custom needs to go.

3. Elbows Not Allowed on Dinner Tables

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Everybody probably knows that elbows on the table while eating are pretty unprofessional. But who's making the rules? A person shared their wholesome story that their grandmother never allowed elbows on the table until she was caught doing the same on a Pizza Hut table. Nobody cares about this stupid custom anyway.

4. Not Respecting Hard Labor Jobs

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People working in gas stations or restaurants are automatically assumed to be poor. We fail to realize that people who do the most to keep our lives easy get paid peanuts plus are not respected. One person shared how annoying it was to them that service workers were not appreciated during the pandemic, and people were bossing them around as if they were servants. 

5. Hidden Charges

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Not including taxes or fees in the total price has to be a custom to eliminate. The extra or hidden charges sometimes add up to be greater than the actual cost itself! A person shared the difference between taxes in Europe and the USA, stating that while they had to pay no hidden charges in Europe, the extra charges in the USA surprised them. 

6. Salary Secrets

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Have you ever wondered why nobody discloses or talks about their pay at work? Maybe because companies don't want their employees to know how underpaid they are in comparison with other employees. A person shared how when they started a job; they made $3 more than the person who had been there longer and had more experience than them. So when it was time for their raise, they had more negotiating points for a better salary.

7. Asking Couples About Offspring

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Something that is a private matter between the couple has turned into a norm in many cultures. Plus, it is completely inappropriate, which has been normalized by society. One lady shared how she absolutely hates this question, as she does not want to disclose her infertility. I'm pretty sure everyone who is asked this feels the extreme invasion of privacy that comes along.

8. People Pleasing Behavior

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There are many polite ways to refuse an offer or a request without hurting the other person. Many people lack the ability to set healthy boundaries and feel drained at the end of the day. One person shared that stop being a peacekeeper at the cost of your own peace. 

9. Public Proposals

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Proposing with a bunch of people is all fun and games until it goes wrong. Moreover, you never know if the girl will definitely say yes. One person shared their theory that high-pressure public proposals are part of the reason why divorce rates are too high, while another person shared that they asked their wife to marry them in t a living room. A living room! 

10. Wearing Suits to Work

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While it is professional and ethical to be formal at work, doesn't work require to wear comfortable clothes at least? We all miss the lockdown times when we would just wake up and work from home in our pajamas. While some offices have chill bosses that allow you to wear hoodies, as a worker shared, other offices are strict in their dress codes. Whatever it is, another person shared how nothing helps at 40 degrees and 80% humidity. 

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