10 Reasons Why the U.S. Media is Fascinated with Donald Trump

The world of politics is ever-changing, dramatic, and sometimes a bit nerve-racking and unexpected. So is the case with Donald Trump, the former president of the U.S., who has not heard of him yet.

The thing is, the media is obsessed with Donald Trump. On an online platform, people shared their views on this matter.

1. Trump = Views = Money

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Donald Trump became quite famous in the 2016 elections. Famous enough that he is a view-increasing machine, well, almost. One of the commenters says that Trump means more views, which in turn means more money.

Another backs it up and says that dude got so much free press in 2016 versus every other candidate. It was absurd and contributed directly to his win.

2. Clickbaity Topic

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Donald Trump has become a click-bait sensation. A user sums it up and says that it's the most clickbaity topic of all time.

They say that many people hate Trumpler for good reason and are dying to see him go down. Hence, stringing people along is good business.

3. Donald Trump is Involved in Much

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A user says that he's the leading Republican Presidential candidate. He's a former President. He's involved in, like, a million (four) important trials all occurring at the same time. And sarcastically says that it's not rocket surgery here.

Another one says that even during Biden's first year in office, Trump was still getting more coverage.

4. He is a News

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One of the commenters shared a very simple fact that Donald Trump is in the news because he is news.

Four indictments, 91 felonies, and an insurance and bank fraud case are playing out now. Like any mobster, his legal liabilities are front-page news.

5. Business and Money for the Press

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A user has shared an interesting perspective. They say that it's money. That's all it is. There is no other explanation. That specific content drives clicks. It drives views, which all make money. The 4th Estate in this country is just clickbait on steroids. Journalistic integrity and professionalism are now an absolute joke.

They say that the media will do whatever it needs to do to stay in business, especially if it slants one political way over another.

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6. Four Initiatives

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Some say that the reason why the media is so fascinated with him couldn't be that Donald Trump is the only president to have been indicted not once, not twice, not three times, but four times, one of them having to do with a seditious insurrection.

Another shares that, to be fair, Trump does it to himself. He and the tabloids had a parasocial relationship in NYC. He's an attention seeker, they propose.

7. Trump is Actually Newsworthy

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Some say that the events surrounding Trump at this time are incredibly newsworthy. This isn't just coverage for the sake of coverage. These are unprecedented historical events.

One more says that they are surprised by people saying it's merely ratings-driven. Another user says he's running for president. He's a former president. He has a trial going on. Dude is the definition of newsworthy.

8. Money—Again

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A person in the comments shared that there was a hidden camera interview with the head guy at CNN a few years ago where he admitted he thinks the reporting on Trump is not good, but it's bringing in money, so they do it anyway.

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Getting people to circle back on fake hate equals cash, so the commenter says.

9. Coverage Because of Demand

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A user in the comments shares their unique point of view. They say that if the media didn't cover him enough and he gets reelected and plunges us into fascism, the cries would be, “Why didn't you cover him more!!!?”

They carry on saying, “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” They say they are tired of the guy, too, but they are not going to relax until they witness him going to prison.

10. Maybe He's a Threat?

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A commenter says that Donald Trump gets so much coverage and media obsession because he is an existential threat to their democracy and threatens to push them into a civil war.

They say that they hate to have to hear about him every day, but he is a threat they just cannot ignore.

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