10 Controversial Practices That Should Be Illegal

Welcome to the uncharted territory of controversial practices that many believe should be illegal, but they still exist in our daily world. In this thought-provoking article, we’ll dig into ten contentious issues that have sparked debates and discussions across the globe. Get ready to explore the controversial practices that some argue should no longer escape the grip of the law.

1. Child Labor

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Have you ever seen children working at the local factories and barely getting pennies for their work? Child labor is considered a severe crime, but it can be significantly seen in underdeveloped countries. Experts have stated that the outcomes of child labor are terrifying. It could lead to psychological harm, and these children are never set free from this never-ending cycle of poverty.

2. Mobile Games Without Age Restriction

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Many people have reported that many games contain gambling dynamics, which have affected the brains of minors. Critics believe there should be an age restriction so that adults can only access these apps.

There are adult advertisements on kid’s applications that are also inappropriate for minors and abuse their minds.

3. Bot Accounts on Social Media

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Ever encountered a bot account on social media? According to the social media’s policy, bots are illegal. Still, a person stated that the bots bypass the security checks of social media, and there are multiple bot accounts on social media. People believe there are also many good bots on subs, but at the same time, many say that the bad ones outnumber the good ones.

4. Single-Use Plastics

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Tired of plastic waste all around? Environmentalists believe that plastic bags and takeout containers thrown away after a single use have a terrible environmental effect. The government should order a ban on plastic products, and by doing this, we can protect the environment.

5. Long Shifts of Medical People

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We all appreciate the tiring everyday efforts of doctors and nurses for obvious reasons. A commenter stated that long shifts of medical people should be made illegal because expecting them to work for 24 hours without rest and continue their duties flawlessly is ethically wrong.

6. Marking Medicine Up

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Marking medicine up is considered unethical, so why not ban it? An American narrated that medicine should not be charged 500% up of their original prices or 2000$ for an ambulance just because you don’t have health insurance.

Some Victims stated that they were charged over 3000% for some medicines while others were charged an elevation of almost 6000%.

7. Advertising Lies

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Advertising lies are one of the biggest lies out there, and for obvious reasons, it attracts a greater audience. Advertisers usually scam their customers by offering them a product at the price of two and then displaying it as a “Buy one get two free” offer.

The same incident is reported by a person who bought a hot dog for two at the deal and later learned that he could have bought two at that price.

8. Declawing Cats

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How cruel is declawing? Declawing is the amputation of the last bone of each toe of a cat. A person wrote that declawing cats should be made illegal because it disturbs their natural process. He further stated that his vet tried to push it and wanted it to hit him, but upon asking his friend, he changed his vet as soon as possible because his cats were all declawed, and the little ones had been suffering from sore feet for many days. The local governments should take action on these acts timely.

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9. Credit/Debit Card for Subscriptions

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People suggested that the company doesn’t ask for any consent once subscribed, and they deduct the charges without asking. This is strictly against the code of conduct, isn’t it? Banks should set a limit, or there should be only one payment with consent every time before charging. If the consent is responded as a no, there should be no deduction and no charge whatsoever.

10. Stock Trading When You Are a Part of Legislative

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A person believes that stocks should be frozen by a person who is a part of the office and a year after he leaves the office. Being a politician comes with sacrifices, and the politician must be ready.

The Rich usually get away with crimes while the poor suffer. Critics mentioned that this is called insider trading, and politicians know how to get away from this, and they easily get away with it, but when a common man happens to do so, they get charged with a crime.

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

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