10 Useless Skills Millennials Acquired in the 90s That Gen Z Won’t Understand

There are many skills Millennials acquired decades ago. They are no longer relevant but a good nostalgia factor. Here they are.

1. Reviving CD Scratches: Lost Art of Buffing

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As the world transitioned into the digital age, music enthusiasts who preferred physical formats like CDs were all the rage. One such enthusiast looks back fondly on their skill in buffing out scratches on their beloved CDs, a talent that has become obsolete with the demise of this once popular medium of music consumption.

2. Flipping Through Time: Nostalgic Pogs

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The nostalgia of a Redditor takes them back to their childhood, where they spent hours playing Pogs, a popular game among millennials in the 90s. The game involved stacking small cardboard circles, or Pogs, and hitting them with a heavier disc called the prison, to make them flip over and land face up. Though once a beloved pastime, this talent has faded away from the cultural consciousness.

3. Lost Skill: Programming a VCR

Old vhs set isolated on white background.

An individual reflects on the lost art of programming a VCR to record a specific TV show at a designated time, a skill that was once essential for TV viewers. Hours were spent figuring out the intricacies of this technology, but with the advent of digital recording devices and streaming services, this expertise has become irrelevant.

4. From Floppy to Flash: Obsolete Storage

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In the 90s, floppy disks were the go-to storage device for computer files, and those who knew to operate and maintain them were considered tech-savvy. However, today, USB flash drives and cloud storage have replaced floppy disks, rendering this skill obsolete. What was once a point of pride has now become a distant memory.

5. Print Sources Lost: Digital Era Dominates

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A seasoned researcher looks back on the art of using encyclopedias and dictionaries when writing papers in the 90s, a time when print sources were king. The importance of conducting research using physical sources was emphasized, but with the rise of digital sources and search engines like Google, these skills have taken a backseat in the current era of technology.

6. Rewinding Memories: Recording on Cassette Tapes

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A lover of cassette tapes looks back on the days when millennials would record the latest Top 40 hits off the radio onto a cassette tape, honing their skills to capture the perfect recording and expertly editing out commercials. However, the rise of music streaming services has made this once-common skill irrelevant, turning cassette tapes into a cherished relic of the past.

7. Forgotten Websites: Rise of Social Media

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In the 90s, designing a personal website using HTML was all the rage, requiring creativity and dedication to make the site stand out with flashy graphics, MIDI music, and animated GIFs. However, the popularity of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram has caused the art of creating personal websites to fall out of favor, rendering this once-prized skill a distant memory.

8. Lost Tech-Savvy: Computer Maintenance in the 90s

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The maintenance and upkeep of computers in the 90s required skills such as connecting to bulletin board systems (BBSs), defragmenting the hard disk drive (HDD), and waiting for a safe shutdown. These skills were necessary to keep computers running smoothly, but with technological advancements, they have become obsolete. Now, computers come equipped with features that make maintenance and upkeep hassle-free, requiring minimal effort on the user's part.

9. 90s Nostalgia: Reciting 151 Pokémon

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A child of the 90s looks back on their impressive skill of reciting all 151 original Pokémon in order, which once made them the envy of their peers. Pokémon was all the rage back then, with kids collecting cards, playing Game Boy games, and watching animated TV series. Reciting all the Pokémon in order was a way to showcase their knowledge and stand out from the crowd. However, as an adult, this skill has lost its relevance, becoming more of a fun party trick than a practical ability.

10. Lost Navigation: Pre-GPS Atlas Reading

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A fan of road trips takes a trip down memory lane, recalling the days when planning a route using an Atlas was an essential part of any journey, highlighting the roads to take. However, with the rise of GPS technology, reading an Atlas has become a thing of the past. Nowadays, virtual assistants on smartphones can guide travelers through their trips, making the skill of reading an Atlas a nostalgic memory.

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