10 Villains That People Either Love Or Hate

Every great story needs a bad guy, but sometimes, these villains are just so captivating that they end up stealing the spotlight. Check out the top 10 villains we secretly adore (or love to hate). We've ranked them based on a fancy online survey.

1. Severus Snape (Alan Rickman, Harry Potter)

Fictional characters Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape
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From concocting mysterious potions to his distinctive strut and deep affection for Lily, Alan Rickman truly nailed his portrayal of Severus Snape. Even though Snape's true colors were revealed as more complex in the later seasons, his stint as a villain was top-notch. Many Harry Potter fans have a soft spot for Slytherins, and Snape is a big reason. There's no denying it! 

2. Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester, Gossip Girls)

Adam Brody and Leighton Meester
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Queen B, also known as Blair Waldorf, was a character who simultaneously drew both love and hate. She effortlessly transitioned from being a fashion trendsetter to a mean girl and, later, a princess. Blair has a permanent spot in the show's limelight. The chemistry between Blair and Chuck so enchants people that they overlook how devious they could be. And honestly, most folks can't help but agree with that!

3. Gustavo Fring (Giancarlo Esposito, Breaking Bad)

Giancarlo Esposito
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Giancarlo Esposito's portrayal of the enigmatic character Fring turned him into the kind of villain we can't help but be fascinated by. He embodied the role of an antagonist with such skill that it's hard not to appreciate his performance. Online discussions frequently revolve around just how sinister he can be. From silently eliminating someone in a lab to miraculously surviving sniper shots, every scene with him is truly heart-pounding.

4. Harry (Alan Rickman, Love Actually)

Alan Rickman
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Alan Rickman's portrayal of Harry, a character that garnered a lot of hate, was so convincing that it even led some folks to dislike the entire movie. It's one of the most genuinely villainous roles he ever took on. Even today, audiences engage in passionate discussions about how exasperating it is to witness a woman battling through divorce, legal troubles, and employment gaps in the story.

5. Mary Louise (Meryl Streep, Big Little Lies)

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She wasn't a villain; she was an absolute BOSS! That's what one of the most sarcastic online comments had to say about Meryl Streep's character. Her portrayal in this TV show is so captivating that you can't help but be riveted. Even those who aren't regular fiction fans found themselves hitting the upvote button for the show, all thanks to Mary and her deliciously monstrous character.

6. Caledon Hockley (Billy Zane, Titanic)

Billy Zane
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Sometimes, not even good looks can shield a character from the torrents of hatred. In Titanic, there were several unsavory characters, but the prime disciple of villainy was Hockley. Surprisingly, many folks still relish the scene where Rose unapologetically spits on his face. No matter how handsome he may have appeared, people's disdain for the character endures.

7. Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins, The Silence of the Lambs)

Anthony Hopkins
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There are numerous characters played by actors that send shivers down our spines whenever we recall them. One of the most chilling characters is Hannibal Lecter, portrayed by Anthony Hopkins. His portrayal as a serial killer was so iconic that it led to him being featured in three series within the same franchise. A statement posted by an online viewer, who upvoted him for his exceptional villainous roles, sums it up perfectly: “I didn't think there could be a better Hannibal than Anthony Hopkins.”

8. Karen Walker (Megan Mullally, Will & Grace)

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Now and then, supporting characters steal the spotlight and leave a lasting mark in our memories. Karen started as a supporting actress, but her over-the-top persona brought a wave of popularity to the show. She took on a job to escape from her children and find some entertainment. Her character was so over-the-top negative that people couldn't help but love to hate her, earning her an honorable mention among the most despised villains in the audience's hearts.

9. William Spike Pratt (James Marsters, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel)

James Marsters
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Spike's character transformation from an anti-hero vampire to a romantic interest and even a trickster has made him undeniably charismatic. In an online survey, a user praised James for his fantastic portrayal of Spike, and someone else wholeheartedly agreed, adding that they switched from Team Angel to Team Spike thanks to this captivating character.

10. Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy, Peaky Blinders)

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Saving the best for last, Shelby, masterfully brought to life by Cillian Murphy, is an exceptional character. He's a dangerous, ambitious, and brilliant figure who isn't afraid to take risks, all while harboring a dark personality. It's the complete package of a villain we can't help but love to hate. Numerous viewers have hit the replay button multiple times and continue to adore this remarkable role.

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