10 Warning Signs a Movie Is Going To Be a Total Flop

In a world where there are endless movie options to choose from, it's essential to be able to distinguish a flop from a hit. Recently, people have shared some warning signs online indicating a movie will be a total flop. So, if you want to avoid wasting your time on a movie that will disappoint you, keep reading.

1. The Problem With Shouting: Why Loud Comedy Falls Flat

Do you ever watch a comedy and wonder why the characters keep shouting in an attempt to be funny? According to a movie critic, this is a telltale sign that the movie is a dud. Speaking loudly to cover up a lack of genuine humor is a lazy technique many writers use, and it's a sure sign that the movie lacks creativity and wit.

2. Spoiler Alert: Predictable Plots Make For Boring Movies

Have you ever been excited to watch a movie only to have the entire plot revealed in promotional material? Beware because, according to a second commenter, this is a sign of predictability, and the movie will likely be a snooze-fest. A predictable storyline without twists and turns can quickly lose an audience's attention, leaving them bored and uninterested.

3. One Joke Wonder: Trailers That Signal a Lack of Substance

You know the old saying, “If it ain't broke, don't fix it”? Well, a user believes this also applies to comedy movies. If a film has multiple trailers, but all use the same joke, it's a red flag that it may lack substance. When filmmakers rely on one joke to sell a movie, it's a sign that they're trying too hard to be funny without delivering the goods.

4. The Remake Trap: Why Success Doesn't Guarantee Quality

The fourth user warns that if a movie is a remake of a successful film, then it's probably not worth watching. The audience can quickly tell if the filmmakers have tried to capitalize on the previous movie's success without adding anything new. Don't waste your time watching a remake that fails to bring something fresh to the table.

5. Flashy but Flimsy: When Visuals Overshadow Substance

Are you tired of movies that rely too heavily on flashy visual effects and big-name celebrities? According to a movie critic, this is a warning sign that the movie lacks substance. While these elements can enhance a film, they shouldn't be the only selling point. A great movie should have a compelling and meaningful narrative that captivates the audience's attention.

6. Don't Spoon-feed Us: How Lazy Plotting Spoils Movies

Have you ever noticed that in some movies, one character inexplicably feels the need to explain the entire plot to another character who should already know? Well, according to one astute viewer, this is a surefire sign that the movie will be a flop. It's a cheap and lazy storytelling technique that shows a need for more confidence in the film's ability to effectively convey its themes and plot. Rather than trusting the audience's intelligence, filmmakers resort to spoon-feeding them information, resulting in a forgettable movie experience.

7. Too Many Writers Spoil the Movie: The Perils of Collaboration

If you're a movie buff, you know that only a few cooks can spoil the broth. And it's no different in the film industry. One podcast that reviews failed movies frequently discusses how a red flag for a flop movie is when too many writers are involved or when it's been rewritten too many times. This is a warning sign that the film needs more direction and a cohesive vision, leading to a messy and forgettable movie experience.

8. January Releases: A Red Flag for Movie Flops

Are you excited about a movie advertised as the best of the year? According to one savvy moviegoer, a common warning sign that a movie will flop is when it's released in January. This is because studios typically release their best movies closer to awards season, towards the end of the year. Releasing a movie in January suggests that it might need to be better with the films being released later in the year, resulting in a disappointing and forgettable movie experience.

9. Cheap Cash Grabs: When Adaptations Miss the Mark

We've all seen movies based on popular properties but have yet to capture the essence of what made them so beloved. According to one insightful commenter, this happens when filmmakers rely too heavily on name recognition and special effects rather than putting effort into adapting the story and characters that made the original property popular. This leads to a cheap and lazy cash grab rather than a faithful adaptation, resulting in a forgettable movie experience.

10. Explaining the Obvious: A Sign of Weak Writing in Movies

Have you ever watched a movie where a character explains everything that's going on to another character who should already know? According to one observant viewer, this is a sign of lazy writing and poor storytelling. It's a cheap and ineffective way to move the plot forward, indicating that the plot itself can't stand alone. This results in a lack of depth and engagement with the characters, leading to a forgettable movie experience.

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