10 Annoying Things Gen Z Is Sick of Hearing From Boomers

The generation gap between Boomers and Gen Z is more apparent than ever before. With different worldviews and life experiences, it's no surprise that there are certain things that Gen Z is sick of hearing from Boomers.

Recently on an online platform, people have shared some of the most annoying things that Boomers say to Gen Z and how they can be reframed for a more respectful conversation between generations.

Gen Z's Annoyance With Boomer Job Advice

Tired of hearing outdated advice from Boomers, one Gen Z-er vented their frustration at their lack of insight into the modern workforce.


Housing Affordability Debate With Parents

An annoyed user found themselves in a heated argument with their mother over the cost of housing.


Young People Can Have Physical Disabilities, Too!

While playing with their pet stallion, the animal began to get rough, biting, kicking, and trying to trample the user.


Ageism and Health Issues: A Millennial's Perspective

Feeling frustrated and overlooked, a disabled 29-year-old individual expressed annoyance with older people assuming that joint pain and tiredness are only associated with aging.


Sick of hearing the phrase “I have more life experience than you,” an exasperated soul pointed out that age does not necessarily equate to emotional maturity or a deeper understanding of the world.

Emotional Rants From “Life Experience” Elders