10 Awful Things Women Are Judged for but Men Are Not

There will always be things that men can do that woman are judged for and vice versa.

But sometimes it just doesn't seem fair.

Body Hair

“This. Does my brother have unkept facial hair? Perfectly fine. He just hasn’t gotten used to looking after it yet. I (a woman) have facial hair possibly due to a medical condition.


Not Wanting Children

“For some reason, not wanting children. Family will constantly try to convince me that ‘i will want children sooner or later' or that ‘its not that bad giving birth'.


Being Direct

I've been in many situations in life that I have faced with direct communication, almost always to be told that I'm too bold or too audacious.


Not Wearing Make-Up

“When a dude says he prefers women with no makeup and then his example is a woman wearing visible makeup,” one woman quipped.


Giving Kids Fast Food and Wearing Pajamas in Public

“When it comes to parenting, giving your kids fast food and them wearing pajamas in public. If a dad does it, he’s fun but if a mom does it she’s lazy,” one woman pointed out.