10 Biggest Signs Your Relationship Is Over

At some point, it just feels like you're forcing your relationship to work, even if it's not. You might find yourself pondering whether or not you and your partner would be better off going your separate ways.

 Little things they do might be starting to annoy you, and you're exhausted from fighting all the time. There comes a point where it's better for both parties to call time on a relationship rather than trying to keep putting duck tape on a burst pipe.

Not Sharing Important Information or Caring To Hear Theirs

Or talking in general, really. You might go through the motions of asking how their day was or if anything interesting happened, but you don't actually care.


Having Anxiety When They're Around

Another sign your relationship might be on the rocks is if you get strong feelings of anxiety when your partner gets home. You no longer have emotional stability around this person.



Contempt is a huge relationship killer. No one likes it when someone rolls their eyes while talking to them or dismisses their interests.


Asking Friends or Family if They Think You Should Break Up

This one is a classic. You're basically saying that you know you need to break up, but you need your friends to back you up and assure you that you're doing the right thing.


You Find Yourself More Annoyed by Your Partner's Presence Than Enjoying It

Everyone has flaws, but when the smallest things your partner does begin to annoy you, it might be time to call it quits.