10 Controversial Things Many Women Do That Men Stereotypically Do

There are certain characteristics that are often attributed to men, when women are just as capable of doing the same thing.

It's not necessarily a sexist thing, it's just a natural human assumption. To add some context, here are a few things that people assume only men do, but women definitely do as well.

Be Dirty and Lazy

“That's why i dumped my ex. Walked into her apartment for the first time. Clothes everywhere. Dirty pots on the stove. 3 bags of trash in the kitchen.


Having a Hero Complex

“In my thought bubbles I save some random person and no one cares at all or makes note of it. But that individual continues think back on it, on occasion, for the rest of their life,” one person shared.


Flexing in the Mirror

What, you thought men were the only ones who admired themselves after a good workout? Women like to get their flex on too. Nothing wrong with a little self-hype.


Not Talking About Emotions

“For most of my life, I didn't talk about my feelings, and lots of us don't as well. But I just unlocked this new skill and I'm learning. It feels good actually,” one woman admitted.


Checking Out Women

“Absolutely. I can't help it if a woman I see is absolutely gorgeous or has an amazing outfit/hair/shoes etc.