10 Creepy Things Women Do According to Men All Women Should Stop Doing

The men of Reddit compiled a list of things women do that they find to be creepy.

Asking if Anyone Flirted With Them

“Always asking if i got flirted with, no matter where I go. ‘Did anyone flint with you?' ‘What the heck. Its flag football. Who would flirt with me at flag football.'” one guy said.


Baby Voice/Behavior

“One annoying girl that unfortunately hung out with my friend group kept doing this to my friend (I think she liked him). I proceeded to baby voice at my friend immediately after she did it.


Telling Other People's Sons That They're Going to Break Hearts

“Tell me that my almost 2 year old son is so handsome and going to break hearts.. If I rolled up to a park and told a mom how good looking her daughter was and that all the boys are going to want her they'd call the cops,” one guy said.


Sending Screenshots of Private Conversations to Family and Friends

“Not exclusively a woman thing, but my ex would screenshot our text conversations and send them to her family and friends for reaction. Like mundane conversations, not even anything interesting.


“That's a serious trust issue. Yes, it is annoying,” one guy said. Another shared, “Had an ex turn on my snapchat map location. I didn't even know snap had a map at the time and always wondered how the ex knew where I was all the time.”


GPS Tracking