10 “Cry Like a Baby” Movies That Make Even the Toughest Guys Show Emotion

Through their evocative storytelling, films can evoke a spectrum of emotions, ranging from happy, excited, sad, or even heartbroken.

Recently in a discussion on a platform, people have shared movies that are guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes every time.

All Dogs Go to Heaven (1989)

This whimsical musical adventure introduces us to Charlie B. Barkin, a cunning German Shepherd masterfully voiced by Burt Reynolds.


What Dreams May Come (1998)

In this heart-wrenching drama, the incomparable Robin Williams and the talented Annabella Sciorra play a married couple forced to confront unspeakable tragedy after losing their two beloved children in a devastating car accident.


My Girl (1991)

She befriends a boy named Thomas J. (Macaulay Culkin), and they form a close bond, but tragedy strikes when Thomas J. dies from an allergic reaction to bee stings. The film explores themes of friendship, family, and grief.


Edward Scissorhands (1990)

His unconventional appearance and limitations cause misinterpretations and heartrending events, the movie delves into powerful themes of seclusion, inclusivity, and the quest for belonging.


Fox and the Hound (1981)

A classic animated movie by Disney, Fox and the Hound, tells the story of the unlikely friendship between a fox named Tod and a hound dog named Copper. Their friendship is tested as Copper is trained to become a hunting dog as they grow up.