10 Dead Giveaways You’re a Bad Parent 

Parenting is a challenging and complex role that comes with a great deal of responsibility. While most parents do their best to raise happy, healthy, and well-adjusted children, sometimes things can go awry.

Recently in a debate online, several people shed light on some of the most common parenting mistakes that can hurt a child's emotional and psychological well-being.

Parents Using Children as Emotional Crutches

The user notes that it is problematic when parents rely on their children to manage their emotional issues and then become frustrated when their children have trouble regulating their own emotions.


Teaching Children the Power of ‘No'

 Children must understand that they cannot always have what they want and must learn how to manage disappointment and frustration healthily.


Parents With No Interest in Their Children's Lives

They argue that parents who exhibit this behavior do not care about what their child does or what happens to them as long as they do not inconvenience the parents.


Invalidating a Child's Feelings and Struggles

Dismissing their child's emotions by saying things like “you don't know what struggling is” or “back in my day” can cause them to feel unsupported and unheard.


Importance of Apologizing in Parenting

By acknowledging their mistake and apologizing, parents can model healthy communication and teach their children the value of taking responsibility for one's actions.