10 Disgusting Foods That Were Good Before the Recipe Changed

Hey there, fellow foodie! Have you ever bitten into your favorite dish and felt like something was off?

It's like your taste buds are having a bad hair day and not feeling it anymore. Well, you're not alone!

Subway's Meatball Subs Changed Beyond Recognition

According to a user, back in the late 90s, they could exist solely on a consistent regimen of meatball subs from Subway.


Cadbury's Chocolate in the UK Not the Same Since Kraft Acquisition

Hold onto your taste buds, chocolate lovers! Rumor has it that the quality of chocolate in the UK has taken a serious nosedive since Kraft took over Cadbury's.


Outback Downsized Dishes and Raised Prices After Going Public

Another user has come forward claiming that Outback Steakhouse has made major changes to its menu since going public.


Breyers Ice Cream: Once Great, Now Considered a “Frozen Dessert”

Someone in the thread spilled out the beans that Breyers used as the go-to choice for store-bought ice cream, but the quality has significantly decreased.


According to another individual's perspective, Chips Ahoy cookies have undergone a significant change in taste and texture.

Chips Ahoy: Now Just a Sweet Rock With Chocolate in It