10 Foods That Look Good Until You See How They’re Made

From imitation crab made of fish paste to orange juice that's not as fresh as it claims to be, some foods can look appetizing until you learn about their production process.

Recently, people have shared various not-so-pleasant truths about some of their favorite foods on an online platform.

Imitation Crab

The first user expressed disgust towards imitation crab, describing it as nothing but fish paste mixed with eggs and an assortment of colorings and additives.


Apple Salad

As per a single user's account, they once adored their grandmother's apple salad treat, yet when they inquired about the recipe, they discovered that it was nothing more than apples, mayonnaise, and sugar.


Mushroom Soup

Another individual claimed their wife's aunt made a mushroom soup that was supposed to be healthy and tasty.


Foie Gras

During their stint in culinary school, a user had an opportunity to explore a farm that housed the much-praised delicacy, foie gras.


A baker shares their insight on the intricate art of making puff pastry, confessing that the task can be daunting and demands immense effort and time.


Puff Pastry