10 Iconic TV Shows That Were Great From Beginning to End

While it's rare for a TV show to maintain its quality and keep viewers hooked until the end, some shows do just that. Recently, people have shared some of their favorite TV shows on an online platform.

From thrilling crime dramas to hilarious comedies, these TV shows were consistently excellent from start to finish, leaving fans satisfied with their complete runs.

True Detective (2014)

Enter the world of True Detective, a crime drama TV series that takes you on a dark and twisted journey through Louisiana.


Spaced (1999)

This brainchild of Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson, who also double as the show's stars, chronicles the lives of two young roommates, Tim and Daisy, as they attempt to make their way in the busy life of London.


Better off Ted (2009)

Imagine a world where the corporate culture is taken to the extreme, and the only way to survive is through humor and wit. That's the world of Better Off Ted, a beloved television sitcom that aired in 2009.


Mister Rogers' Neighborhood (1968)

In 1968, a children's television series called Mister Rogers' Neighborhood” captured viewers' hearts far and wide.


HBO's two-season run of Rome (2005) brought to life the turbulent era of the Roman Republic through a riveting historical drama.


Rome (2005)