10 Most Ridiculous Things Women Have Had To Explain To Grown Men

We have all been there. When our brain doesn't compute something and needs something explained, ordinary people think we might miss a few brain cells.

But take care to learn when someone corrects us. Otherwise, we may walk around saying dumb things all the time.

No Texting While Parked

One user tells the story of being parked in a parking lot and being told not to text. “Recently, a distant family member yelled at me for texting behind the wheel.


No Need To Photocopy a Blank Piece of Paper

A copier or printer is filled with blank paper that gets printed on, and anyone who has used one knows there is a compartment you put blank paper to refill it.


Your Luggage Is on the Same Plane

One user says, “I had to explain to someone on our flight that there wasn't another littler plane trailing us with our luggage when they looked out the window looking for said little plane.”


You Can Still Go Outside During an Eclipse

The sun is always too bright to stare at, but more people are inclined to look during an eclipse due to the phenomenon. But this user needed help explaining that you can still go outside.


You Can't Make a Black and White in Color

Even with today's technological advancements, you cannot copy a black-and-white photo in color.