10 Most Unrealistic Things in Movies That Make Fans Angry

Movies are often an escape from reality, but sometimes they portray things far from realistic. From the way, people drink from straws to the sound of taking a sword out of a sheath.

Recently on a platform, people have shared several things that are often portrayed unrealistically in movies.

Hollywood's Unrealistic Plane Sounds

The first user points out that whenever a plane dives in movies, it always makes the sound of a Stuka dive bombing, regardless of the type of plane being shown.


Foley Artists and Exaggerated Straw Drinking

Well, one keen user did! Foley artists add a sound effect to emphasize the action, but it can distract viewers from the scene.


Shipping Container Myth in Movies

In movies, there's always plenty of space inside shipping containers or truckloads of goods for people to walk around and move boxes.


Truth About Movie Bullet Wounds

Films tend to show characters getting shot numerous times yet still being able to function, converse and engage in physical altercations for several minutes before finally succumbing to their injuries.


Inconsistent Marksmanship in Movies

A keen-eyed user notes the peculiar portrayal of hero and villain characters in movies as expert marksmen, capable of taking out any character from any distance or angle with just a single shot.