10 Most Unrealistic Things Men Do in TV That Neven Happen in Real Life

The men of Reddit have compiled a list of things women see in rom-coms that men wish they would stop expecting them to do in real life.

“Anything With Airports”

“You mean I can't walk through TSA security checks, without a ticket for that day, stop a plane from taking off by talking to the customer service agent, rush onto the plane without a ticket because ‘the woman I love is leaving forever'?


“Be Charming and Attractive Despite My Many Objective Faults”

“Be charming and attractive despite my many objective faults. Movie: can't get his life together, kind of a jerk, but is Matthew McConaughey.


“If You Say ‘No', Then the Answer Is No and I'm Going To Stop Trying”

“I went from dating a girl who would say no and then complain about me not trying to “change her mind” to a girl who would say no followed by me trying to change her mind, only to get hit with “I said no, and that means no.


“Surprise Vacations/Travel”

“‘”Hey honey Im taking you on a surprise vacation, you just have to give your job 2 minutes notice that you won't be in!'” one guy quipped.


Another added, “I honored a girl's “wishes” when she was wishy-washy about wanting a relationship. Years later she told me that she was interested and I should have continued to pursue her.”


“If You Are Interested, Say Yes, if Not, Say No”