10 Real Reasons People Don’t Tip Delivery Drivers Anymore

Tipping has long been a topic of discussion and controversy, and it's no different when it comes to tipping delivery drivers. Despite it being a common practice, some people choose not to tip, and they have their reasons.

Recently a debate burst out on a platform, and people shared why they choose not to tip delivery drivers.

The Dilemma of Tipping Delivery Drivers

They see tipping as a part of a “spoiled practice” where restaurants use it as an excuse not to pay their employees a fair wage.


Cash is King: Opting Out of In-App Tipping

Confessing to a history of lackluster delivery service, one individual opts out of in-app tipping and instead bestows cash gratuities for superior service.


A History of Unfair Wages: The Downfall of Delivery Drivers

They share that they used to work for a pizza chain in the 90s and made great tips, but when the company introduced a delivery fee, everyone assumed it was for the driver when it was not.


Calling for Fair Compensation: Tipping as Exploitation

With a critical outlook on the tipping culture and its manipulation by employers, the user calls for a shift towards a more equitable remuneration system.


Optional Gratuity: Questioning the Cultural Norm of Tipping

Voicing their discontent with the cultural norm of tipping, one compares handing over cash to a needy person on the street. They assert that tipping should be optional and that they tip when they like it.