10 Surprising Things All Women Need To Know About Men

It's no secret men don't understand women. But do women really understand men, either?

Here's a list of the top 10 things men wish women understood.

Sometimes, We Don't Want to Talk

One user confessed, “Sometimes I don't want to talk. It has nothing to do with you or anything wrong, but me just enjoying not speaking.”


I'm Not a Mind Reader

“Just because your feelings are obvious to you, it is not always obvious to me.” One guy explains, “I can't read minds, just explain it, and I'll understand.”


We've Been Conditioned To Suppress Our Emotion

One man says, “Men are raised with the expectation that they'll suppress vulnerable emotions. But, unfortunately, simply telling a man they need to communicate better isn't going to reverse decades of emotional suppression.


You Need To Make It Obvious

“If you like a guy, make it blatantly obvious to him. We miss the subtle hints about 99% of the time,” states one user.


Support System

One guy confessed, “Never really verbalized it, but I don't care to decorate. It can look nice and all that, but all I see is a bunch of stuff that requires dusting.


We Don't Care About Decorations