10 Surprising Things Men Say Women Are Really Not Ready To Hear

Women sometimes don't want to hear the hard truth about things. Other times women don't seem to understand that men don't think like them and need more direction.

We asked men of Reddit what they thought were the top 10 things women need to know, even if they weren't ready to hear it.

It's Your Hair Clogging the Drain

One user said, “It really is. How could she think it's mine when nowhere on my body have I got hair that's even half as long as the ones I pull out of the drain?”


You Look Fine, Seriously

One user commented, “Every outfit she wears looks great, I really don't have strong feelings about which one if I'm being given a choice. They're all great. She looks great.


Hanging Out With My Friends Is Healthy

“Hanging out with my friends without her is healthy, and the same goes for her hanging out with her friends. It's good for your mental health.” suggested one man.


Diamonds Are a Scam

One guy said, “I wish we could all agree that price isn't important in marriage. There are much prettier gems that don't cost ridiculous prices. We can save that money for a wild trip across the world.”


One guy said, “Sometimes my girlfriend will say something demeaning about herself. So I tell her to shut up because I don't like people saying bad things about my girlfriend, and she smiles.


Love Yourself