10 Terrible Parenting Trends You Should Avoid at All Costs 

Parenting is a tough job, and no one is perfect at it. However, some parenting trends can do more harm than good, affecting children's mental and emotional well-being in the long run.

These trends can hurt your child's growth and development, from over-scheduling activities to being too strict with rules. Read on to learn more about what to avoid as a parent.

Protecting the Privacy and Dignity of Autistic Children

The user emphasizes that parents should protect and respect their children's privacy and dignity, especially regarding sensitive issues such as autism.


The Harmful Effects of Comparing Children

The constant comparison turns everything into competition and creates an unhealthy environment for the child. Parents must focus on their child's strengths and progress rather than comparing them to others.


The Importance of Allowing Children Autonomy and Independence

One astute user points out the trend of overprotective parenting, where children are not allowed to explore and make decisions independently.


Exploiting Autism on Social Media: A Warning

Autism is a sensitive topic, and one user warns against a parenting trend that exploits children with autism on social media for likes and views.


A “Crunchy Mom” Parenting Dilemma

A commentator voiced apprehension about their neighbor's daughter, who identifies as a “crunchy mom” and aspires to become an influencer.