10 Terrible Things Men Need To Stop Doing Immediately According to Women

Men often spend time and effort on their appearance and manners to attract the opposite gender but then neglect to fix their bad habits.

Here are the top 10 bad habits men need to stop doing immediately.

Stop Peeing on the Seat and Floor

One user confessed, “My husband and I go round and round because he goes pee in the middle of the night without his glasses on and always pees a little on my squatty potty, and then it dries, and I end up having to scrub it off.”


Stop Pretending You Don't Know How To Do Housework

“I recently loaded a dishwasher, even put the pod into it and selected a program, when my boyfriend came into the kitchen to make himself a sandwich.” one user stated.


Stop Treating Women Like They're a Different Species

We have personalities, needs, and wants. We make mistakes and have the same moral failings all humans have. We're not codes to be cracked.”


Stop Following Your Friends

“It doesn't make it any better when you privately tell us later that you disagree with that kind of thing. It just makes you look like a coward.”


Support System

“It's especially annoying if you actually are well-versed in the subject, but they assumed you must be a beginner compared to them.”


Stop Being Condescending