10 Terrible Things That Automatically Ruin Good Movies

Lights, camera, action! Movies are the ultimate adventure, taking us on a journey to fantastical lands, introducing us to characters out of this world, and stirring emotions within us.

 However, not all movies are created equal, and certain things can instantly ruin a movie for some viewers. Recently, in a platform discussion, people shared several things that can automatically ruin movies.

Forced Romance: When Friendship Would Suffice

With a scowl on their face, a moviegoer vents their annoyance at the tired cliché of two main characters falling in love too quickly, especially when they start off disliking each other.


Breaking Immersion: Extras' Inattention in Fight Scenes

Amid an intense war or fight scene, viewers' immersion is shattered when they spot background actors idly waiting for their cue to attack the main character.


Frustrating Fight Scenes: Poor Execution and Quick Cuts

A viewer expresses frustration with poorly executed fight scenes in movies where it isn't easy to follow the action.


Spoiler Alert: Trailers That Give Away the Plot

It's a major pet peeve for some viewers when the movie trailer spoils the entire plot, leaving them feeling robbed of the opportunity to experience the story's twists and turns.


Annoyingly Repetitive: Overuse of Catchy Phrases

The constant repetition of the same phrase by characters in a movie can be a major turnoff for some viewers.