10 Things Guys Think Are Cool but Are Actually Huge Turn-Offs

Are you a guy wondering why you're striking out with the ladies? It may be time to reassess what you think is cool.

Recently on an online platform, women shared about the things that guys think are impressive but are major turn-offs.

Don't Put Down Other Women: A Major Turn-off for Women

Trying to impress a woman by putting down other types of women is ineffective and can be a major turn-off.


Boasting About Fights and Jail Time: A Turn-off for Everyone

If you're looking to impress someone, boasting about fights or jail time is not the way to do it.


Money on Dating Profiles: A Major Turn-off

Want to turn a woman off? Try posting a picture of yourself holding a lot of cash on your dating profile.


Being an “Alpha”: Overrated and Unattractive

Why waste time discussing the weight of a waitress when there are so many more interesting conversations to be had?


Just because someone shared a photo with you doesn't give you the right to share it, so always respect others' privacy.

Sharing Intimate Photos: A Major Violation of Privacy