10 Things Men Will Never Understand About Women

Men always say women are hard to understand.

So we asked men of Reddit, what are the top 10 things that confuse you about women? Here's what they said.

Why Are Your Feet Always Cold?

One user commented, “My wife, in general though, she's always so cold. I'm here in a t-shirt, hot and sweaty, while she's wearing like 20 bathrobes and she's cold.


Why Shower in Scalding Hot Water?

One user stated, “I had no idea how cold my shower water actually was until I showered with a woman. It was life-changing.” “Why must you feel the pain to feel cleansed?” another user asked.


How Do Things Magically Appear for Them?

One user claimed, “One time I asked my wife “babe have you seen…” and before I could even finish what I was looking for, she said, “it's between your nightstand and the wall.”


Why Do You Wax Your Eyebrows Just To Draw Them Back On?

I doubt anyone in your life that isn't you personally really cares how your eyebrows look. So, why put yourself through needless pain and spend two hours putting them back on?


One user asked, “How can you talk to your mom on the phone for multiple hours weekly? My dad calls me when he needs me to order something on Amazon for him, and that's about it.”


How Can You Talk on the Phone for Hours?