10 Things Men Would Understand Instantly, but Women Would Not

Men have their own language. It can be certain words, jokes, or even a simple head nod.

Still, it seems universally understood by other men, not by women.

How Are Your Pockets

And we kick off the list with a joke, of course, ” I'm going to tell you about two pairs of trousers I own that have special pockets inside the pocket.” jokes one user.


Hey, Look What I Found

“To guys, this automatically means want to come check it out and tinker around with it until we inevitably break it and then try to fix it again.”


The Nod

One user answered, “Don't have to say anything, just a nod.” This nod can mean many things: hello, how's your day? Did you see that? No matter what they are trying to say, it is known by the recipient.


It's Clean; I Smelled It

“The smell test is foolproof. We don't care so much about putting our clothes away, so we're unsure if it's clean or dirty. Also, sometimes we skip laundry day, and we can re-wear something as long as it smells fine.”


Joke Flirting

One user confessed, “Every friend I have flirted with each other as a joke. I have done this around a woman friend. Her reaction was as if we were dating.”