10 Things That Men Don’t Realize Makes Them Insanely Attractive

Looks will only get you so far.

What really makes a man attractive besides his outward appearance? These forum users have the answers.


One user commented, “If a guy is just calm and reassuring when things get tough, that's insanely attractive also, if he's teaching something and just gently aids without getting annoyed.”


Asking for the Details

“My boyfriend and I went grocery shopping for the first time since dating, and after a few minutes he went missing, only for him to come running back with my favorite coffee in his hand asking “is this your favorite!?” with a big smile on his face.


A Good Haircut

“I don't think a lot of men realize just how much a good haircut can help.” one user shared. “Obviously, it's a bit subjective, but a flattering haircut can make a massive difference.


Confidence, Not Arrogance

One user comments, “able to laugh at themselves. When my Dad-bodied boyfriend squeezed himself into hot pants and a midriff top on a dare and then strutted, I knew he was the man I was going to marry.”


One user shared, “I was seeing a man, and he asked me how my day was. Usually, I'd say ok because I'd think they don't want to know but just want to start a conversation. But this one guy asked, ‘just ok?”


Being a Good Listener