10 Things Women Are Better at Than Men

Some things women can do better.

There is no scientific fact, and of course, there are exceptions to the rules, but here are the top 10 things Reddit users say women are better at than men.

Finding Things

“It's in the kitchen,” she says. And the man always looks, or so they say they did, and still needs help finding the item they desire.


Taking Insanely Hot Showers

One woman comments, “my husband and I can't shower together because he claims the water is burning him. And I can't take his lukewarm showers.”


Going to the Doctor

One man says, “I was raised with “walk it off.” I know it's stupid, but I'm too embarrassed at this point.” As kids, we are taught to walk it off. You fall off your bike, walk it off, scrape your knee, walk it off.


Seeing Color

One in thirteen men is colorblind, so it's no wonder women see color better. But it's not just about seeing color; women can see different shades even with the slightest difference.


Support System

One user says, “It's some type of unwritten law for women to immediately bond with a sad, drunk woman stranger in need of a friend or a safe group.”


Support System