10 Toxic Things Only the Worst Parents Say to Their Kids

Parenting can be challenging, but some parents go beyond being strict or firm and become toxic toward their children.

Recently on an online platform, people have shared some of the harmful things that some of the worst parents say to their kids.

Hurtful Words From Parents: Emotional Damage and Powerlessness

A user revealed that in the wee hours of the morning, their parent insulted and demeaned them for failing to open a jar of tomato sauce, using hurtful words like “useless” and “can't do anything.”


Children of Divorced Parents: Overwhelmed and Confused

As a child caught in the middle of divorced parents, you may have heard phrases like “Don't let your other parent know,”


Toxic Father: A Heartbreaking Story of Emotional Abuse

The third user's story will break your heart. It's a painful memory involving a toxic comment made by their father.


The Lasting Scars of Physical Abuse on Children

The story shared by this brave individual is a harrowing reminder of how much damage can be done by physical abuse.


When this user spoke up and shared their story, it was hard to ignore the chill that ran down her spine.

Instilling Fear in Children: Toxicity of Frightening Threats