10 Weird Things You Thought Existed, but Really Don’t

Do you remember being convinced that something was real, only to be proven wrong later? Maybe you had an imaginary aunt who would send you letters, or you were convinced flying whales roamed the skies.

Looking back, these beliefs might seem bizarre, but they felt absolutely real at the time. And now, on the internet, people share their stories of things they thought existed but turned out to be nothing more than a figment of their imagination.

Mistaken Identity: Believing Pepperoni Was an Animal

A friend of a colleague held a belief that could only be described as unique until they were 20 years old.


Yams Are Yaks? Misconceptions About Crossbreeds

When they were younger, a user believed something that seems outrageous now. They thought yams were animals, specifically a Yak and Ram hybrid.


Sweet Dreams: Believing in Marshmallow Trees

A user fondly remembers their grandmother's houseplant with marshmallows on the ends of the branches.


The Myth of Bank Accounts: A Pigeon Hole for Every Deposit

Have you ever wondered how banks store your money? Well, a user used to believe that every bank account came with a personal pigeonhole to store cash.


Imagine believing in a city or country capital named “Arkistokuvaa,” only to discover that it was never a real place years later.

Archive Footage City: Misreading Television Labels