10 Worst Lies You Might Believe But Shouldn’t 

Some lies are so obvious, yet people continue to get suckered into believing them. Even though your brain knows and is telling you that it's a lie, you want to believe it so badly that you just ignore those warning bells.

Here are some especially ridiculous ones that you need to absolutely stop falling for.

“Number X Will Shock You”

This one is a classic. Blogs will often use this one to get you to scroll through their articles and stay on the page longer. Oftentimes, number X is not shocking whatsoever.


“Tear Here to Open”

Under the umbrella of products that should be easy to open but aren't, someone mentioned the packages that scissors come in because they can seriously only be opened with, you guessed it, a pair of scissors.


Humans Only Use 10% Of Their Brain

Someone compared this analogy to “like we only use 33% of each traffic light.” Others quipped that there are plenty of people who only use 10% of their brains.


Mlms Are a Good Source of Income

Someone quipped, “well they are for someone, just not for you.” This is so true. MLMs are designed to only benefit one person, and that's the person at the top.


You Have To Wait 24 Hours Before Reporting Someone Missing

This is false. As someone pointed out, the first few hours are crucial in the search for a missing individual.