10 Worst Male Problems Women Will Never Understand

There are many things the males have to deal with that females wouldn't understand and vice versa.

So whether it be not being able to express themselves or their physical appearance, these men spoke up to bring some awareness.

Being an Unwilling Absent Father

Not knowing you had a choice seems unfair. Maybe she had her reasons for not telling him, but it seems sad to know your life could have been way different, but the decision was taken from you.


Walking Behind a Woman

A person can never be too careful. But something as trivial as walking down the street should not have to be so scary for a woman, but these men understand why it is and go out of their way to try to ease a woman's mind.


Questioning My Parenting

Seeing a man and a little girl together should not be unsettling for people. But some want to ensure the child is ok and knows the man they are with. This must be frustrating to a father trying to spend time with their children.


You Don't Babysit Your Own Child

Speaking of fathers, this user explained that a father never babysits their children. It's still parenting, even when the father cares for them.



When you're a sizeable masculine-looking man, who's alone and informally dressed, people watch your behavior closely for anything to confirm their fearful suspicions.