10 Worst Phrases a Man Can Say to a Woman

Sometimes someone will say something to you, and it gives you the instant “ick.” Women often get this feeling when men say certain things to them.

Things that make women raise their eyebrows and wonder why God made them attracted to men in the first place.

“You Sound Like My Mother”

Someone else asked why women would find this phrase offensive, and the women explained that it's often used in a negative way to highlight a perceived flaw.


“Just Calm Down”

“Telling an angry person to calm down is just pouring fuel on the fire. It's very effective if that's what you want to do though,” someone pointed out.



The worst part is when other men hear me complain about this and tell me it's no big deal and that the men telling me to smile just want me to be happy.


“I'll Do It Later”

The premise of this should be simple. When someone asks you to do something and you say you'll do it later, either follow through and do it, or don't be upset when they ask again. Simple.


“Is It Your Time of the Month?”

This phrase can also be used with a negative and condescending tone, which is when it becomes a problematic phrase to use.