10 Worst Things About Being a Man

The men and women of Reddit share what they believe are the worst things about being a man.

Societal Pressures

“The constant pressure in society that the man has to pay for meals, drinks, etc. I feel like it all would add up really quickly,” one user said. A man chimed in with a different perspective.


Being Shamed for Showing Emotion

“Feeling uncomfortable or shamed for showing your emotions. It's a sad truth, but since the dawn of time, men have been encouraged to live up to the expectations of having to be tough or being a rock for the family.


Having to Step up in Physically Threatening Situations

“Having to be the person physically in charge in a threatening situation. Like always being with a man when walking home from a party in a sketchy area at night.


Being Judged for Being a Stay-at-Home Dad

“I was a stay-at-home dad until my daughter went to kindergarten. This hit me deep in the soul.


“When I was in high school, my dad got remarried to a woman with a ton of emotional baggage. She was verbally abusive, and would start fights with anyone who would take the bait.


Getting Arrested for Self-Defense Against Domestic Violence