14 Terrible Financial Ideas: Never Do These, According to Money Experts

Making the correct money decisions is a hard thing to do in 2022. Financial experts recommend avoiding making these financial decisions.

Don't buy that old European sports car you've dreamed of since you were a kid. Even though you can finally afford it, trust me, you can't afford the repairs.

Buying a Sports Car

If you think that you can pay off a 401(k) loan over time after leaving a job, think again. It depends on your employer, but you may have to pay it back immediately.

That 401(k) Loan Will Cost You

Our most valuable resource is time, but well-intentioned people often waste time doing things they don't like or aren't good at to save a few bucks. Small business owners can get bogged down with responding to emails or pouring over their taxes, eating up time they could develop new products or work with dream clients.

Forgetting to Outsource

We've all been there. A friend or family member needs money and asks you for a loan. You want to help, especially if it's someone you're close to. However, the time to decide how much you can float them is not in the middle of their crises.

Don't Loan Money to Family

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