20 Best Investments to Make in Your 20’s

Before you invest even $1 make sure to read and understand what you’re investing in. Simply because everyone else is doing it does not mean it’s the right investment for you.

1. Invest In Your Retirement Account

Your 401(k) or any other retirement account is one of the best places for your money to be invested early on.  Young adults should begin saving at least 10-15% of their gross income to put towards a healthy retirement plan.

2. Become Comfortable with Taking Risks

Investing can be a scary process, but if you are prepared to take risks, it is probably going to pay off over the long term. Begin investing in your 20s and with the different asset classes even with little money.

3. Hire A Financial Planner to Help Manage Your Money

Once you have started making investment decisions, it may be a good idea to hire a certified financial planner to hear different investment ideas and understand the tax benefit and income limits of each.

4. Increase How Much You're Putting Into Savings Incrementally

Start by investing your money into something you might not typically invest it into, then work to diversify as much as possible over time.

5. Determine Your Investment Goals

If you have determined that investing in stocks will help your investment portfolio grow faster than other investment vehicles, then determine how much of the investment portfolio you want those types of investments to make up.

6. Keep Your Short Term Savings Easily Accessible

When you are just starting with your retirement plan, likely, your investment options will not be able to provide for any type of income stream right away.

7. Make Sure All Debt Is Paid Off

Make sure you are paying more than the minimum balance every month so that you do not fall into a debt cycle.

8. Do Not Try to Beat The Market When investment vehicles are initially purchased, many times people will try to beat the market. However, when trying to outsmart the system like this there need to be two things working together: luck and timing.

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