25 Affordable Family Gift Ideas (Plus 5 More You Can Make And Sell)

With at least five major gift-giving holidays in the U.S. (plus birthdays, anniversaries, and memorable moments like graduations, weddings, and new babies), it's easy to bust your budget on presents.

A family photo album or frame helps preserve memories spent together. It's also a relatively inexpensive gift. Look for clearance picture frames throughout the year and store them for an instant gift under $10.

1. Family Photo Album Or Frame

Board games make fantastic gifts that kids and adults of all ages can enjoy year-round, year after year.

2. Board Games

If you're looking for family gift ideas that keep on giving, there are now a wide variety of monthly subscriptions besides a 'fruit of the month' club. There are packages for almost any passion, for example, Kiwico or Raddish Kids send monthly STEM or cooking projects.

3. Reoccurring Monthly Subscriptions

If you're looking to give one gift to an entire family, how about the gift of dinner out? A gift card to a local restaurant or their favorite fast-casual place is something the whole family can enjoy.

4. Gift Card To A Favorite Restaurant

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