6 Alternative Investments You Need In Your Portfolio Right Now

Alternative investments extend beyond traditional asset classes like stocks and bonds. They offer a means to diversify a portfolio and have the potential to provide more significant income opportunities. Consider these options the next time you're looking to invest.

Real Estate

Real estate investing can be an expensive investment to get into if you're looking to pick up rental property or flip a home. Luckily, more cost-effective options still allow you to take advantage of this lucrative space.

Gold and Precious Metals

Gold has been a sought-after commodity for thousands of years, and its value typically only increases with time. Where the U.S. dollar is much more volatile, many use gold as an inflation-resistant investment strategy.

Foreign Currency

Investing in foreign currency is no more difficult than exchanging one country's money for another. There's a foreign exchange market (forex) for this very purpose.


Cryptocurrency is a relatively new alternative investment created using blockchain technology. Individual units called coins are "mined.” Each is carefully tracked to ensure authenticity and ownership.

Private Equity

Public companies aren't the only way to go for investment opportunities. While you can't buy shares of privately-traded ventures, it's still possible to make money through private equity funds.

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