25 Healthy Fast Food Orders You'll Actually Like, According to a Nutritionist

With the renewed sense of urgency in traveling this summer, many will find themselves on the road with limited food options. If all you see are burger chains, chicken joints, and taco franchises fear not. You have several options that will help you avoid 1250 calories in one meal. That's not good for weight loss.

Swap out mayonnaise for ketchup and mustard on burgers

Mayonnaise and burger sauces are often loaded with oil which bumps up the fat content and overall calories of the meal. Asking for vinegar-based condiments such as mustard and ketchup in your burger helps to reduce the overall calories.

Choose grilled over fried chicken

Opting for grilled rather than fried chicken in your burgers, wraps or nuggets is an easy way to reduce trans-fat and the overall total fat in your meal. Plus, it’s much easier on your digestive system!

Top your pizza with lots of vegetables

Pizza is notoriously calorific, so next time you ask for a thin crust, add lots of veggies as toppings. Vegetables not only increase the volume of the meal but they are packed with fiber to help keep you fuller for longer and are mostly made of water which helps keep calories low.

Swap to higher protein sandwiches

Making simple swaps such as asking for whole-grain bread and lean meats like chicken breast or turkey in your sandwich, help to significantly bump up the protein content of the meal. Increasing your protein intake can increase satiety (fullness) and make you less likely to order further fast-food treats.

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