The 20 Best Christmas Albums of All Time

Perhaps more than any other holiday season, Christmas is full of nostalgia. As the years go on, whether anyone likes it or not, it can be nearly impossible to avoid memories of the seasons that have passed and Christmas traditions around the tree, whether spent with family or alone.

'Charles Brown Sings Christmas Songs' by Charles Brown

Charles Brown's Christmas album features the highly popular and frequently covered "Please Come Home for Christmas," which peaked at #76 on the Billboard charts in January 1962 and was Brown's only solo Billboard hit. Brown co-wrote the song with Gene Redd—though Brown later claimed he was the sole songwriter.

'A Beach Boys' Christmas Album' by The Beach Boys

Consisting of classic holiday songs like "Here Comes Santa Claus," the Beach Boys' seventh studio album was a success. Debuting at #6 on the Billboard Christmas Albums chart when it was released, the album featured not only classic Christmas songs, but five original tracks, as well.

'White Christmas' by Bing Crosby

A posthumous compilation of Bing Crosby's most popular Christmas songs, "White Christmas" was a surefire hit. Featuring songs like the acclaimed titular track and "I'll Be Home for Christmas," the album features Crosby at his best—crooning Christmas tunes that make the holiday feel all the cozier.

'Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas' by Ella Fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald's first Christmas album put a jazzy spin on 12 classic holiday songs. The album of secular tunes—from "Jingle Bells" to "Frosty the Snowman"—allowed Fitzgerald to display a more spirited and fun side, with each track making the listener feel as though the singer is swinging along with them.

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