The 20 Cheapest Places to Live in the US in 2022

So, where are the cheapest cities in the country that offer low housing costs, affordability in required daily expenses, and good quality of life?  The results are in, and these are the best places to be right now.

20. Biloxi, Mississippi

This Southern city along the Gulf of Mexico is filled with palm trees. From fresh seafood and white-sand beaches to history and a lively casino industry, Biloxi is filled with young professionals and families. A smaller city, Biloxi feels more like a suburb on the coast and is quite safe for residents.

19. Gary, Indiana

Although in Indiana, Gary is so close to Chicago that it’s easily accessible for commuters or remote workers with ties to the Midwest’s biggest city. While once known for crime, the city has seen a rebirth and businesses are making a return. By the way, Michael Jackson and Prince were both born in Gary!

18. Flint, Michigan

Although Flint has made news in recent years for experiencing a water crisis, the industrial city is affordable, home to universities, and filled with diversity. One of the safest cities in Michigan, it’s also the state’s fourth-largest and within an hour’s drive from Detroit and Lansing.

17. Toledo, Ohio

Situated along Lake Erie, Toledo is a culture-filled town with a variety of museums to enjoy. As a large metropolitan city, the community feels more like a small town in terms of friendliness and safety.

16. Euclid, Ohio

If Toledo is too big, consider the Cleveland suburb, also nestled along the banks of Lake Erie. You’ll have the best of Cleveland’s attractions and businesses in a small town that is more affordable and filled with charm.

15. Medina, Ohio

Another Cleveland suburb, this time to the south, Medina is considered one of the best places to live in Ohio. Home to young professionals, the vibe in this small town is hip, active and fun.

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