Everyone Should Have A Credit Card: 10 Reasons Why

Credit cards are a fantastic resource to help you handle your finances better.  Here are ten reasons why everyone should have a credit card.

Reason #1: Easy Way to Build Credit

Credit cards are a quick and easy way to establish or build credit. Credit scores affect your ability to get car loans, personal loans, and other credit products. Having a clear credit report is essential.

Reason #2: A Generous Sign Up Bonus

Many cards will give you cashback as you spend money. Spending $1000 within 90 days and getting $100 back is a standard account opening bonus.

Reason #3: Pay Zero Interest For a Period of Time

One perk of using a credit card is that most cards offer 0% interest rates on purchases for extended periods.

Reason #4: They Come With Purchase Protection

The fine print with credit cards can be to your advantage (sometimes). There are consumer protections on a credit card that you don’t get with a debit card or cash transactions.

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