Get Free Food With No Money: 11 Ways

With inflation every year, everything seems to cost a lot: gas, utilities, groceries, clothes, etc.  If you could find easy ways to save money each month, you could use those funds for something else. Wouldn't it be nice if you could cut some of your expenses on food each month? Imagine how much you can save in a year!

Accept Invitation

Whether your parents, friends, or coworkers, you should always accept a brunch or dinner invitation. How can you say "no" to food, right? Nothing tastes better than other people's cooking. Homemade cook that you don't have to cook sounds divine because you don't have to worry about what to eat that day.

Attend Work Party

When working at a big corporate firm or small company, there will always be some party or event throughout the year. There will likely be free food, gifts, and fun games for the employees. You should always participate whenever there is a party or an event because who doesn't want to eat delicious food and bond with people? When you have a chance, why not take it?

Food Holiday

There are many food holidays throughout the year, and you should use this to your advantage! Not all restaurants will give you free food, but some will have exciting activities, deals, brand promotions, etc. Check out The Nibble to keep track of all the American food holidays by month. 


Coupons save you money and time looking for deals. Whether you are looking for ways to shop and save, coupons can be your friend. Most fast-food restaurants send coupons to your homes so that you can see what deals they have. Many people tend to throw many things away from the mail because most are usually advertisements.

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