How to Set a Goal (and accomplish it) 25 Strategies

The key to achieving success is setting goals.  Goals are what motivate us and push us to be the best version of ourselves. It's not enough. You must also know how to set a goal you’ll actually accomplish.

Why Is Goal Setting Important?

The definition of goal setting is the act of creating a specific result. Setting goals helps us better understand what we want and how our actions will benefit others (or ourselves). If you are not sure why it's important to set goals, think about this - would you be more motivated in your work if there was an expected outcome?

Goals vs. Objectives

One key distinction between objectives and goals is that while both have outcomes associated with them, only one has a deadline for completion. Objectives must be completed within specific time frames but do not always have concrete deadlines or milestones built into them.

The Different Types Of Goals You Might Set

There are many different types of goals you might set in your life - from professional to personal ones and everything in between. The following list will give you an idea of some common goal categories.

Make Sure You Know Your Why

Why do you want to achieve this particular outcome? What will it mean for you or others if you reach your goal? If you don't have a good reason for wanting to achieve something, it's going to be that much harder to stick with your goal in the long run.

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