Humanity’s Future May Be Bleak, But These Spring Destinations Sure Aren’t

The long nights fueled by coffee and days spent rushing from one class to another are almost fading. Winter is giving way to spring. Warm weather, blue skies, seemingly infinite hours in the day: Ah, the glorious time of spring break is here!

1. Jamaica

The ocean in Jamaica is truly as beautiful as photos will have you believe. Take a quick boat ride from Port Royal to Lime Cay for a day of swimming, sun basking and strolling through small mangroves.

Food & falls

We recommend staying the night in Port Antonio just to eat breakfast the next morning! Ackee and saltfish is the national dish of Jamaica and, as with most local dishes, the history of this traditional breakfast is linked with the history of the island itself.

3. Oaxaca, Mexico

Not too many years ago, we were still learning to pronounce the name of this city in Mexico, which has shot to popularity in recent years. Oaxaca, pronounced wah-HAH-kah, will invite you to walk its cobblestone streets, wander through its intriguing bylanes, marvel at its colorful architecture, and indulge in its exciting food and drinks scene, all at a price that won’t break the bank.

Exploring in Oaxaca

While it’s tempting to pick a favorite coffee shop, we encourage you to try a new one every day. The historical city center is dotted with all styles of cafe, and it’d be a shame if you didn’t try as many as possible! Take a walking tour during the day. Oaxaca is best experienced on foot or bicycles.

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