Is Your Credit Card Debt Negotiable?

When you have enough credit card debt that you’re having trouble making your payments, it may be time to consider negotiating your debt with your credit card issuer.  Credit card issuers may be willing to negotiate your debt to retain you as a customer and to prevent you from having to declare bankruptcy.

What Is Credit Card Debt?

When you make a purchase with a credit card, you are taking out a loan from a line of credit. According to the credit card terms that you received with your card, you agree to pay back that loan with regular monthly payments. Once you’ve made a charge to your account, it’s considered debt, even if you intend to avoid interest by paying it back in full.

In What Cases Does It Make Sense to Negotiate Debt?

It can be a good idea to negotiate your credit card debt when you’re unable to make your credit card’s minimum monthly payments while still being able to afford your basic living expenses. 

Why Do Credit Card Companies Negotiate Debt?

Many people wonder, “Can you negotiate credit card debt?” But what makes credit card debt different from other kinds of debt is that it’s unsecured. Unlike a home mortgage or a vehicle loan, there’s nothing for the credit card issuer to foreclose on or repossess if the cardholder fails to repay the loan.

How Does Credit Card Settlement Work?

Whether you want to know how to negotiate credit card settlements on your own or with a debt settlement company, you’ll have to take the same steps to begin the credit card settlement process. First, you’ll need to total up how much you owe on all of your credit cards. 

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